Where is my site?

Grrrr, it takes AGES for the design of my site to get done. I can’t wait to see it up and running already.
I met this girl once, she was preggo as well and we kinda bonded over that. Well, HER site is already live. How about that! I want mine ready too!!!

Preggo Tegan

2 Responses to Where is my site?

  1. Darren says:

    Hi Maryjane looking forward to your site coming online, I know it’s a pain but the best things come to those who wait and I just know your site is going to be worth waiting for.
    Take care of yourself beautiful MaryJane
    I will keep my fingers crossed

    Kind Regards
    Darren x

  2. Cor says:

    Hi Mary Jane,

    First of all, congratulations of course!

    It seems your payment processor maybe has some difficulties. Besides that, it’s showing an iDEAL endpoint, but there isn’t any link to it.

    Hoping to be a happy customer soon :)

    Kind Regards,


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