Beginign of pregnancy

Pregnant Mary Jane Johnson

Hey everyone! Maryjane here. As you probably know I’m 18 and pregnant. So far it’s been pretty good. There are days where I feel totally unsexy and days where something about being pregnant makes me feel sexier than I ever have. I love that my boyfriend is being so supportive and my family too. I’ve been taking some behind the scenes photos to keep track of my development through pregnancy and so you can see what it’s like when I’m not shooting. These pictures were taken on an non-work day when I was about four months pregnant. You can see that my breasts have barely swollen up and that my belly isn’t even really all that big yet. It was definitely easier to be pregnant back then :) Don’t those pink booty shorts look really cute on my butt!

2 Responses to Beginign of pregnancy

  1. Jim Smith says:

    Not sure if this is just a test site or what? But the pics in the rotation on the main page, those sets, are they going to seen here as a paysite later or where? BTW you are smokin’ hot.

  2. Howie348 says:

    Not sure whether Mary Jane or a fan started this site. In any event, I’d like to tell her how great she is. And how she may look even better in her pregnant photos. Such a nice smile. Hope this doesn’t have a negative impact on her career and more important on her life.

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