Let’s go into the bathroom!

MaryJane Johnson pregnancy picture

Let’s go into the bathroom! No, I don’t have to pee, silly. I’m going to show you some behind the scenes pictures from a recent photo shoot. I’m pretty far along in these pictures and things have settled down a little. I’m not sick in the morning anymore and I’m usually pretty horny thanks to all the hormones. Any 18 year old is horny, but a pregnant 18 year old hits stretches where they get hornier than ever. This was a good day since I woke up feeling sexy and the shoot was great. My boyfriend snapped these pictures while I was working with the photographer. The big vibrator is like an orgasm machine. It can pull so much pleasure out of my pregnant pussy. I loved it.

2 Responses to Let’s go into the bathroom!

  1. Mince Johnson says:

    Such a hot body and career ruined by pregnancy.

  2. ladis washurum says:

    Such a pretty face and a beautiful body ruined by career.

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